CornerPost Capital is a private equity sponsor and asset management firm, providing capital, expertise and leadership to privately held businesses.


Leveraging over 50 years of broad-based, asset management, legal, accounting, investment banking, and operations experience, the CornerPost team patiently and selectively makes control investments in business opportunities arising from underperformance, corporate divestiture, undercapitalization, seller distress and turnaround situations.  CornerPost enhances value in these situations through disciplined asset management processes.

In part, we formed CornerPost to take advantage of unique investment opportunities presented by the lower end of an unstable investment environment. We also want to build a firm that presents investors with a unique option at the lower end of the private equity market. Our key tenets – Professionalism, Transparency, Discipline, Communication, and Integrity – are integrated into the development and implementation of our formal, deliverable processes for investor relations, marketing, asset management, underwriting, and team development.



We pursue a value investing strategy, choosing to look at business that are too small or too management intensive for our competitors. Ideally, we pursue investments at or below the value of underlying assets or collateral in order to protect investment capital against market declines. We then have the opportunity to create attractive returns through implementation of operational change, not mere financial engineering.


Investment Criteria.

  • Value. CornerPost seeks to reduce risk and protect capital by making investments at discounts to true, not speculative, valuation of the business and its underlying assets.
  • Control. By controlling the capital structure of it targets, the team can apply its expertise in management of special situations to generate value.
  • Size. CornerPost is committed to staying “down market”, investing from $1 million to $15 million in small businesses with revenues of less than $100 million.
  • Industries. We do not target specific industries, but attempt to apply our broad-based operating experience to situations that call for hands-on management and leadership change.
  • Clarity. Transparency into financial and operating information, as well as clear definition of the value proposition associated with a potential investment, is an absolute. The business must have a reason to exist and a defensible plan for future operations.
“Over 50 years experience.”